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  Note the glasses.

One client has commented upon my "eagle eye," but that would surely be a surprise to my optometrist! I've worn glasses since the first grade, so my persnicketiness has nothing to do with vision. No, my affinity for words and (sometimes embarrassing) ability to find mistakes in their use and printing come from a different part of the DNA.

You see, there were old-fashioned printers on both sides of my family. My dad's father, several brothers, a sister, and my mother's mother were all job printers, and their reputations for accuracy were well deserved. My folks? No slouches either when it came to eagle eyes, writing ability, and grammar expertise. (My mom found an error on this site when it was "finished"!) And then there are all the other writers and teachers and preachers and (of course) readers in my background. 
Words, words, and more words—they've been my lifeblood since before I wore those glasses.

Whether you are a first-time self-publisher or an award-winning author, if you, too, value the written word—nonfiction or fiction—and want yours to be apt, appealing, and accurate, please explore what DoWriteEditing offers.

Perhaps my (nearsighted) "eagle eye" is exactly what you need!

Kathy K. Grow

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